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Susan Bijl

The New Tote Bag Medium

The New Tote Bag Medium

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The perks of a shoulder bag combined with thorough waterproof material. Designed for so much more than your essentials, The New Tote Bage makes an ideal companion for work, travel, and of course, everyday use.

Made of our heavy-duty waterproof fabric, its subtle grandeur offers the perfect balance of comfort and practicality.

Ideal for day-to-day use, perfect for work, and has plenty of space for additional items
Also available in Large


100% recycled ripstop polyester

- waterproof protection
- a waterproof YKK zipper
- large inner pocket with zipper
- padded laptop pocket
- two strap sizes that make it easy to carry heavy loads on your shoulder or give it a comfortable grip in your hand
- lined with YULEX® natural foam rubber for optimal protection
- straps made from hemp, a plant-based fibre

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about the brand

Susan Bijl

It’s 1975 and a girl called Susan is born into the Bijl family.

As a child she already wants to create a minimalist and peaceful place, simply because she doesn't like to have a lot of 'stuff' laying around. With this same spirit, she would design the bag to replace all bags.

It is the year 2000, and she sets out to create a bag based on the silhouette of a generic plastic bag, giving it her own spin by creating a colorful variation, crafted from indestructible and lightweight Ripstop nylon – making it the ultimate choice.
That bag is The New Shopping Bag.

Susan Bijl is constantly doing whatever it takes to reduce the ecological footprint, without impacting the quality and affordability of her colorful products.