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Martine Viergever

necklace Venetian wide silver

necklace Venetian wide silver

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Forgotten Futures & New Pasts
Martine Viergever longs for shimmer, distinction and adornment. Her minimalist attitude allows her to use only one material. But lots of it. She lights fire at the workshop and some in-depth soul searching of the basic Venetian chain begins.

The result is a rich-looking, luxurious and sophisticated jewellery collection. The chain shows itself as if it were a time machine. It takes you along from quirky traditional vibes to the ‘letting go’ attitude of the ’20ies interbellum and ‘right-on’ in to the glittery disco era. Viergever constructs new values in post-minimalism, connecting new pasts & forgotten futures.

Length 50 cm

Sterling silver 925/000

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about the brand

Martine Viergever

Martine Viergever is a Dutch jewellery designer with a distinguished hand-crafted style and a poetic vision. With her pieces, she creates a sphere for the understated, for the unseen, for the wearer who does not need to be decorated at all. This is the field of tension in which Martine Viergever operates. She creates for human expression – and plays with the contradictions that come with it.

She composes her collections as if she were a curator. Universal recognition, nostalgia and humor are conditions for jewelry to appeal. Her designs aim to question valuability, wearability and aesthetics.

Every piece is handcrafted at Martine Viergever’s studio in Rotterdam and executed in high-quality materials.