Coming soon: Cordera

Coming soon: Cordera

New brand/Brand new: 


We at Magda are really excited to add Cordera to our collection.
As soon as we saw their designs and learned of their values we knew Cordera's pieces would fit into our pink box perfectly.
We'll show you why..


About Cordera
Cordera is founded by Mónica and María, two sisters from Galicia, Spain who have been growing their contemporary and responsible fashion brand since 2008.


100% inspired by and made in Spain
Inspired by Galicia’s magical and exuberant landscapes full of nature, Cordera’s designs are intuitive, pure, minimal and therefore timeless. They’re made using high-quality and responsible materials that will last for years to come. Small local family factories make Cordera’s designs come to life. The bond with Galicia, it's nature and people is at the heart of the brand. 


Cordera's collection
All of Cordera's pieces are one size to fit all; designed and patterned to fit every body perfectly. And: no unnecessary deadstock sizes. 
Their knitwear is made using Japanese knitting machines and finished by hand. 

By choosing Cordera you are ensured to be wearing effortless, comfortable, well-fitting and timeless pieces that exude passion, heart and involvement for the world around you.


  • One size to fit all
  • 100% made in Spain
  • Sustainable practices - partnering with local family factories
  • Recycled cashmere, cotton and cruelty-free wools
  • Fabrics with traceability and green certificates


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I‘m happy to discover Cordera in your shop! Cordera clothing is superbly crafted and beautiful, these are pieces for life. Best wishes from Germany (-:

Anne Bachmann

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