Brand in the Spotlight: Embassy of Bricks and Logs

Brand in the Spotlight: Embassy of Bricks and Logs

It’s a long story, but it’s good!

Worth the read, if you ask us 🖤

Embassy of Bricks and Logs is taking a stand against the appalling practices in today’s fashion industry - by maintaining an uncompromising quality standard and creating pieces that are sustainable through outstanding craftsmanship and longevity.

Quality pieces that are more than the fad of the season. Created to have an extended life span, making them slow fashion by definition.

Believing in causing the least harm possible while creating a great product. The Embassy is an ethically vegan company and is proud to be working closely with Animal Rights Organisation PETA.

Developed in cooperation with their manufacturer the E100 No Down is the insulation material of choice when it comes to performance, style and sustainability.

Made of 100% certified recycled materials picked from landfills and the world’s oceans.

Well, that was a whole mouth full 👄

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