The New Trash Bag | Susan Bijl x Koen Taselaar

Susan Bijl

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The New Trash Bag is an ultra-spacious bag for things like recycling, storage, laundry and toys. Give it a permanent spot in your home, by placing it in our Trash Rack.

But it’s also a bag! Casually oversized, the top folds back into the shopper, adapting to the size you need. It closes with a drawstring and stopper. The two handles make it easy to carry heavy loads on your shoulder or give it a comfortable grip in your hand.

It's the largest bag Susan Bijl has made to date, and it fits 60 litres when filled to the top. It is solid, so stuff it with empty bottles, bowling balls, wet towels or anything you need to store or carry!

Like all our bags, The New Trash Bag can be washed at 30 degrees if it gets dirty.

The Trash Rack is sold separately.

This collaboration is a celebration of prints. When SUSAN BIJL initiated this particular collection, Rotterdam based artist Koen Taselaar’s work immediately came to mind. Koen designed three prints and went all the way by combining them – all in one bag!