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Wouters & Hendrix

Trick or treat 'Chapters' ring with lip and garnet in silver

Trick or treat 'Chapters' ring with lip and garnet in silver

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The trompe l'oeil effect makes it seem as if these are a stack of two different rings, but in fact it's one ring combining a garnet with Wouter's & Hendrix signature lips, a surrealism symbol they are very fond of.

From the collection La 'Fête des Bêtes’
Bending the traditional rules of jewellery-making while winking at surrealism, this collection embodies everything Wouters & Hendrix is so very fond of. And just like in surrealism, the meaning behind the designs and symbols from this collection is for the wearer to interpret and make their own.

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Material: Sterling silver 925. Garnet.

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about the brand

Wouters & Hendrix

Designing and making uncommon jewelry in their Antwerp atelier since 1984.

Born in an avant-garde moment, bending the rules of traditional jewelry making and wearing. Subtle rebels with a love for surrealism, drawn to unexpected combinations of materials and techniques, gently adorning your body with tales in silver and gold.

The wearable sculptures help you express your own version of femininity, for you to know and for others to find out.