Trash Rack orange with Trash Back Grame & Sport
Trash Rack
Trash Rack
Trash Rack
Trash Rack | Play | Orange
Trash Rack Green with Trash Bag Break & Oranda
Trash Rack
Trash Rack Beige with Trash Back Fun & Camel
Trash Rack

Trash Rack

Susan Bijl

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'Play' is a new complete SUSAN BIJL collection; its colour palette celebrates playing without competition, recreation without consumption and creating without limits!

The Trash Rack is a custom stand to support The New Trash Bag and give it a permanent place in your home. It can also support The New Shopping Bag (large). Use it to store all sorts of things like recycling, laundry and toys. Lift the bag out of the rack and carry it to wherever you want your stuff to go.

The New Trash Bag is sold separately and available in: 
Fun & Camel (perfect with the beige rack)
Break & Oranda (perfect with the green rack)
Game & Sport (perfect with the orange rack)