Le Mont St Michel

Le Mont St Michel

Le Mont St Michel is a young brand with a long history. Specialized in everlasting Workwear since 1913, the brand is taken over in 1998 by Alexandre Milan who added to this legacy his own family craftsmanship heritage: the legacy of Les Tricotages de L'Aa, factory founded by his great grandmother in 1919.

Le Mont St Michel embodies the French paradox’s charm. A unique and effortless style which never compromises on quality. A strong story that keeps on reinventing itself through the cosmopolitan tribe which wears it.

We wish to reconnect with the pleasure created by a perfect and rare product, ancient techniques that we reinvent, and beautiful yarns.

We choose what we wear like we surround ourselves with those we love, for the pleasure to discover, of memories we shared or of the story we build together.

We claim our independence against the unbridled run of « throwaway » fashion: this is the spirit from Le Mont St Michel.