Ellen Truijen

Since the beginning of her brand in 2003, she has let her intuition lead the way and never followed trends or forecasts. Her approach is very tactile: feeling and smelling the leather and making sure the combination of different materials and colours work.

More like a sculpturist than a product designer actually. She never draws: each bag is created behind the sewing machine, molding the leather into its new form.

Key-signatures are: timelessness, sobriety and simplicity. Most bags are stripped down to their bare essentials, yet the detailing is well thought through, ‘standard’ is never her standard,

The understated luxury feeling is upgradet with little details.

The complete collection is produced in the Netherlands. Only by working with small family businesses and so, knowing exactly who worked on which bag.

“This is how we can guarantee our high quality levels and sleep well at night. We provide local businesses with work and keep in honour what is left, of a beautiful, once blooming Dutch craft. If particular leather is not available at Dutch tanneries we look for it in Italy but we never stray outside Europe. From thread to lining to the best running zippers of the world.”